Namrata's World Of Yoga, Goa, India

Yoga …A Complete Life

Our Philosophy :

Our Philosophy:

We believe that yoga is a way of life. Yoga is also an exact science. By incorporating a mix of theory and practice in our curriculum, we encourage people to delve deeper into the science so that they may be able to become adept at guiding themselves towards fulfilling their physical, emotional and mental potential. Since learning the right techniques as well as the right applications is crucial to the efficacy of the science, we use a customized approach that ensures individual needs are catered to.

Putting our Philosophy to Practice:

We conduct classes round the year, six days a week, Monday to Saturday.Classes are of different kinds, focussing on different aspect of Asthanga Yoga ( i.e the Eight Limbed Science.Some focus more on the physical aspect (Hatha Yoga), some on breath control techniques (Pranayama) and others on learning concentration and mind control (Dhyanam).We have classes for all age groups.

Yoga a Way of  Life :

We have designed Our Centre in Dona Paula, Panjim, Goa and its activities keeping this as our main objective. We have a Main Yoga Hall fully equiped with modern flooring, mats , music and props for easy learning of Yoga. We conduct Classes for all age group including children, adolescent and old alike.

We have a Yoga Library that we constantly update. We have an area devoted to Ayurveda Ingredients; through which we encourage people to incorporate use of natural food, organic foods and medication etc. We also run a fully functioning Kitchen with the best ayuryedic cooks who prepares and serves food for students based on Ayurvedic recipes.

We also make available Traditional Ayurvedic Massage facilities  on weekends as needed. We have an in-house Homeopathic and Ayurvedic Physicians for alternative medicine and treatment consultation.

We have a Yogic Diet Program where we advise people on how, when and what to eat.We organise Weekend Workshops  by professionals on accupuncture, naturopathy, anatomy, ayurveda, yoga to create awareness and motivation which students can attend for free.

Over the years, a decade old Namrata’s World of Yoga, Goa, India  has become a hub where a club of people have incorporated  Yoga into their Daily Routine with ease and we feel privileged and delighted to be a catalyst in bettering lifes in this urban jungle.


2 thoughts on “Our Philosophy :

  1. Is the picture on your banner of Goa? It is so beautiful!
    I am heading off to a yoga class this morning – kismet!

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