Namrata's World Of Yoga, Goa, India

Yoga …A Complete Life

Ashtanga Yoga:

Our Ashtanga Yoga School:

We practice the age old science of yoga in the tradition of Patanjali, where the Ashtanga or Eight-folds path is considered mandatory if the student desires to learn the science in its depth and purity.

The eight parts of the science include Yama (or universal commandments), Niyama (or personal disciplines), Asanam (postures), Pranayam (breath control techniques), Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyanam,  and  Samadhi. The last four being the stepwise initiation into meditation or mind control.

We have a fully equipped yoga studio in Dona Paula, Panjim, Goa – India. Classes are held around the year for adults as well as children.

Each of our sessions incorporates both, asana and pranayama. We also have sessions for advanced yogic techniques and meditation.

Yoga is complete life. It is a science which overhauls all the sides of the human personality.” ….  Swami Sivananda.

“Through Pranayama the yogi contrives to keep the body free from all impurities and the nervous system unclogged; robust health, prolonged youth and often, an extraordinary longevity are obtained.”    ….Shri Aurobindo.


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