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Yoga Teacher’s Training Program 2013, Goa, India :

Yoga Teachers Training Program @ Namrata's World of Yoga, Goa, India

OUR YOGA SCHOOL:   Namrata’s  World of Yoga is a decade old Yoga School in Goa , India established in 2001.  We practice the age old science of yoga in the tradition of Patanjali, where the Ashtanga or Eight-foldpath is considered mandatory if the student desires to learn the science in its depth and purity. The eight parts of the science include Yama ( or universal commandments), Niyama (or personal disciplines), Asanam (postures), Pranayam (breath control techniques), Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyanam, Samadhi. The last four being the stepwise initiation into meditation or mind control.

TEACHER’S TRAINING PROGRAM:  As part of our regular courses, we offer an intensive 100-contact-hours custom-designed train-the -trainer-program for individuals who are interested in teaching yoga. The structured course has been designed by experienced faculty trained  at International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre headquartered in Quebec, Canada.


COURSE STRUCTURE & PEDAGOGY : The course have been structured into two modules to create a balance between theory and practice. The course pedagogy  is extensively hands on in learning at the same time builds and deepens ones understanding of the yogic principles.

Module 1  is theory based primarily aimed at students gaining a deeper understanding of philosophy and science of  Yoga, the human functional anatomy,  psychology, nervous system , physiology and the scientific grounding on which practice of Yoga is based on .All candidates will be provided with handouts for the theory classes.

Module 2  is practical based and focus on  these three parts : 1) Asanas or  Postures 2) Pranayam or  Breathing Practices 3) Meditation  or Mind Control.


Class Timing

YOGA TEACHER CERTIFICATION:  Namrata’s World of Yoga will be providing certification to the qualifying candidates based on their in-program performance and successfully attending 95% of the classes to be conducted at the end of the program.

INTERNSHIP OFFER : We also have an inclusive internship offer for the top five students post certification so that they can have an additional six months of rigorous classroom practice sessions in furthering their teaching abilities. Please note that a stipend will be provided to these selected students during the internship. At the end of the internship, a permanent appointment can also be considered.

FINDING ACCOMMODATION@ Goa, India: Please note that we do not provide accommodation but will definitely help confirmed candidates in their search for suitable accommodation in Goa.

OUR CHARGES :           Local Candidates  :   Rs. 35,000/-                Expatriates & NRI :  Euros 1200/-

ELIGIBILITY: The minimum qualifications for the train-the-trainer  program are –

1) A fair understanding of English both Speaking & Reading

2) A regular practitioner of Yoga or Physical Exercise for at least for a year.

3) Should possess  sound health.


Please fill up the contact form below and we will guide you through the process of enrollment. To maintain quality of delivery, we are restricting the nos. of participants in the program. So those interested need to register in at the earliest.

Please fill the first  Contact Form Box  as :  namratayoga

Please fill the second Contact Form Box as :


5 thoughts on “Yoga Teacher’s Training Program 2013, Goa, India :

  1. Thank you for checking out my blog, and liking my post. That was encouraging to me.
    I pray your business continues to reach those who enjoy the art of yoga.

  2. I am interested in joining your program.
    I am from UK. I am a fitness trainer and want to teach yoga in UK
    Can you let me know the kind of lodging available and the cost, thanks

  3. Thank you for liking my blog. I’m getting a strong pull inside to explore the possibility of becoming a yoga teacher, you must have known this already!

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